World Cancer Day

06 Ianuarie, 2011

The Reproductive Health Training Center and the Women’s club of Moldova ( are working together to organise an event on World Cancer Day.

During this event we plan to discuss cervical cancer as a global problem and the ways of its prevention. Besides our NGO resources we are going to use some internationally important information.

This event will substantially raise the awareness of the most influential women in Moldova towards the importance of cervical cancer prevention.

Fri, 04/02/2011

Address of event: Chisinau, Moldova

Event language: English, Romanian, Russian

UICC Member: Yes

Organiser’s contact adress: Reproductive Health Training Center,  20 Melestiu str, Chisinau, MD 2001, Moldova

Contact name: Irena Digol


Topics: Cancer prevention and control,  Cervical cancer / HPV



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