Publicații Reproductive Health Matters (RHM) despre disabilitate și drepturile sexuale și reproductive

17 Iulie, 2017

RHM News

Edited by Renu Addlakha, Janet Price and Shirin HeidariTABLE of CONTENTS


Disability and sexuality: claiming sexual and reproductive rights

Research Articles

Disability is not asexuality: the childbearing experiences and aspirations of women with disability in Zimbabwe Peta, C.

Exploring misinformation of family planning practices and methods among deaf people in Ghana Kwadwo Mprah, W. et al.

“We do not dare to love”: women with disabilities’ sexual and reproductive health and rights in rural Cambodia Gartrell, A. et al.

A qualitative study to explore the barriers and enablers for young people with disabilities to access sexual and reproductive health services in Senegal Burke, E. et al.

“Freedom to go where I want”: improving access to sexual and reproductive health for women with disabilities in the Philippines Devine, A. et al.

The sexual and reproductive rights and benefit derived from sexual and reproductive health services of people with physical disabilities in South Africa: beliefs of non-disabled people Hunt, X. et al.

Female genital mutilation as sexual disability: perceptions of women and their spouses in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria Owojuyigbe, M. et al.


The Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its take on sexuality Jaramillo Ruiz, F.

Disability rights, reproductive technology, and parenthood: unrealised opportunities Rothler, R.

Pleasure, sex, prohibition, intellectual disability, and dangerous ideas Alexander, N. et al.

Young women with disabilities and access to HIV/AIDS interventions in Uganda Nampewo, Z.

Personal Narratives

Exploring the sexual and reproductive health issues of visually impaired women in Ghana Abdul Karimu, A.

The disabled sexual surrogate Shapiro, L.

Denial of sexual rights: insights from lives of women with visual impairment in India Goyal, N.


Poems of desire and (dis)ability Breckenridge, J.

Book Shelf

Skin, Tooth, and Bone – The Basis of Movement is Our People: A Disability Justice Primer


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