Right to freedom of thought, opinion and expression; right to association

All persons have the right to exercise freedom of thought, opinion and expression regarding ideas on sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual rights, without arbitrary intrusions or limitations based on dominant cultural beliefs or political ideology, or discriminatory notions of public order, public morality, public health or public security

The right to freedom of thought, opinion and expression; right to association can be used to campaign:

  • Interpretations of religious texts, beliefs, philosophies and customs that respect freedom of thought and speech regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights
  • The right of health care professionals to conscientious objection with regard to their participation in providing contraception and safe abortion services provided that they can refer the client to health professionals willing to provide the service; however, no such right exists in emergency cases where lives are at risk

  • Restrictions on the grounds of thought, conscience and religion to access to sexual and reproductive health and rights information and services
star People with disabilities have the right to develop their own system of values ​​and to express their own views on sexuality and relationships, to have access to sexual and reproductive health care services without being influenced by religious convictions and beliefs of others.