In the Republic of Moldova abortion is legal. Each woman who performs an abortion should be adequately informed and free to choose the method of abortion and the anesthetic method based on the information provided during counseling.

By clicking on the district you are interested in on the map on the right, you will receive the necessary information about the public medical institutions that provide abortion services and the quality of the given services.

If, however, you have decided to interrupt the pregnancy, do not accept invalidating curettage!

Choose safe abortion!

Dear ladies,


If you have purchased Medabon from your pharmacy, and you have not previously consulted with any physician, or you have some misunderstandings, you can call us on the hot line 0 800 088 08 or on the phones +373 22 355072+373 60903782 / +373 78306973 to answer your questions.

We would like to help you get through this as easily as possible.

Dr. Rodica Comendant